Sikosis's Coding Site

Welcome to my own little space on the web dedicated to programming / coding.

My Skills Basic Competent Knowledgable Expert
HTML (Since 1992)        
Visual Basic 6.0 (Since 1993)        
Javascript (Since 1997)        
PHP (Since 1999)        
Objective-C Cocoa (Since 2005)        
VBScript (Since 2000)        
PalmOS (NSBasic) (Since 2001)        
Bash (Since 1994)        
BeOS API / C/C++ (Since 2001)        
ActionScript (Since 2007)        
Perl (Since 1999)        
BSD C/C++ (Since 2002)        
Python (Since 2004)        
Applescript (Since 2006)        
Ruby (Since 2014)        
Swift (Since 2014)        

What is Programming to me ?

Programming is creative expression at it's best - we are painter, we are architects, we are sculptors. We theorize, design, implement and operate in a world unlike other people. Where others see chaos, we see order.


What is the Best Programming Language ?

Everyone is different and programmers choose to use a particular language for many different reasons. One way of tracking the popularity of a given language is the TIOBE Programming Community index. This index is updated monthly and rates the world-wide availability of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors.

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